The Hummingbird:
Our commitment to the future and the environment

the Colibri

D e l a p l a n t a t i o n à l a p r e m i è r e c u v é e

Thierry has always been aware of the limits of organic, biodynamic, natural labels… and wished to make a stronger commitment to the environment. 

In a constant process of innovation and improvement of the vineyard, we have been monitoring experiments on resistant grape varieties for several years.

As soon as they were authorized in the official journal in 2016, and convinced that the future of viticulture will have to go through this kind of innovation to adapt to new climatic and environmental constraints, we planted our first “resistant” vines. It was an important leap into the void since at that time there was no feedback on the management of these grape varieties.

A naturally natural wine

Thanks to these grape varieties, we are freed from 95 to 100% of phytosanitary treatments including those authorized in Organic Farming, which are sulfur and copper. It is an approach which goes well beyond the labels and which fully respects the environment and opens a new path for a viticulture of the future.

The legend of the Hummingbird

In 2019, we produced our first cuvée from these “Souvignier gris & Muscaris” grape varieties. It will be called the “Colibri” cuvée in reference to the Amerindian legend where the little Colibri tries to put out the fire which is ravaging its forest with a few drops of water in its beak. We will not revolutionize Agriculture, but we are committed to showing that a wine without pesticides, whether synthetic or organic, can be a boon for nature as well as for our taste buds.

Colibri Resistant varietal wine